The original munich white sausage without skin


Original from Munich

When Bavarian customs and fast food meet, the „Bavarian HotDOG“ proves that tradition and modernity can harmonize in culinary terms.

What’s different about our concept or white sausage?

Through a special protected production process, this white sausage is „without skin,“ made by a Munich butcher.

This is served in a lye “stangerl” and with our own mustard variation – The mustard is a own recipe, refined with honey, horseradish and with extra  fresh horseradish

Such a product, quite simply with 4 components

– Original munich white sausage without skin

– Lye „stangerl“ – own recipe ( less salt)

– Mustard – own recipe refined with honey and horseradish

– Fresh horseradish

Various informations

  • This white sausage „without skin“ has the TÜV certificate
  • White sausage – Weight: 90 g – 100 g each
  • Original munich white Sausage with 66% veal
  • Also 100% pure turkey available ( minimum 100kg per order)


White sausage „fresh goods“

  • 10 pcs vacuumated per VE
  • with ingredient labeling and minimum shelf life
  • Minimum shelf life about 20 days vaccumated at cooling at about 3 degrees

White sausage „frozen product“ 

  • VE always 200 pcs ( but are individually frozen, so that flexible amount can be
    taken out)
  • No loss of taste or qualitiy in frozen products
  • minimum shelf life 365 days

Lye „stangerl

  • 60 g per lye „stangerl“
  • Delivery 50 units per VE (packing unit)
  • always frozen, but fully baked

Special mustard for this white sausage

  • own recipe refined with horseradish and honey
  • quantity: 1 kg squeeze bottle or ½ kg squeeze bottle
  • shelf life 1 year ( frozen of this mustard possible without loss of taste)

Fresh horseradish

  • the Bavarian HotDOG can also be refined with fresh horseradish
  • Quantity: 500 g  or 250 g per Packaching
  • Minimum shelf life 4 month ( in the closed packaching)


Very easy and quick preparation

If the white sausage is longer in the water, no loss of quality

Important: Place freh lemon slicest to avoid discoloration at a longer water bath